7 steps to give your Baby longer sleep at night

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

Good sleep patterns for your baby does not need to be complicated or involve Crying-it-out….. In fact, the opposite is true!

Baby sleep is uncomplicated because babies have a Natural Sleep Clock built-in and just need your help to develop it


1 - Optimise the Sleep environment

Making sure your baby’s sleeping space is really sleep-promoting is easy.

Make sure it’s a dark room because the dark stimulates the release of melatonin - a hormone that helps us sleep.

It’s important that your baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold when sleeping.  Babies can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults and are reliant on us to make sure they are appropriately dressed for the environment. 

Your baby should be dressed appropriately for the room temperature in which he is sleeping.  Use a baby sleep sack to help create a cosy, warm sleeping space for your baby.

Make sure there is nothing stimulating in their...

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