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Baby Sleep Rescue + Follow-Up

Here's what you'll get with our Baby Sleep Rescue + Follow-Up Package:

  • 1 hour phone or video call on how to help your baby sleep well, or to discuss any particular issues you are facing. 

  • 2 week follow up via email, or phone or video call.

    Access to our online Baby Sleep Program (0-12 months):

  • Our easy-to-read ebook, where we explain everything you need to know about baby sleep in a simple and practical manner.

  • 20 easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos presenting the content of our ebook. We know some people prefer to watch and listen rather than read!

  • Our Seven Pillars of Sleep. These are the seven key components that are important in baby sleep - putting them together means that your baby will get the best sleep that they can!

  • Guidance on reading your baby's cues, daytime naps, settling and night feeds (and much more!).

  • Help on getting your baby to consolidate their sleep, and take their longest stretch of sleep at night.

  • Age-specific guidance explaining what’s going on with your baby as they grow older, and how this impacts their sleep.

  • Age-specific routines (with tips) to follow for a happy home and confident parenting.

    Access to our Introducing Solids and Allergens ebook:

  • Access to our Introducing Solids and Allergens ebook. Includes a 4 week meal plan to introduce healthy solid meals, and a 9 week plan for introducing allergenic foods. 

What People Are Saying:

I have read many books to try and help with my daughter’s sleep and Baby Smiles Club stands head and shoulders above the competition. In addition to it being a comprehensive yet user-friendly guide, it is grounded in science. This reassures me as a parent that what is being recommended has been tried and tested and is supported by some of the leading experts in baby sleep. I also really enjoy being able to choose whether to read about a subject or watch a video. I would recommend this to all new parents.

Ed (UK)

A must for any new parents or parents-to-be! This is a really interesting and well presented program from Baby Smiles Club. A great deal of thought and research has gone into it, and some of the advice has even helped with my sleep too!

Jane (Scotland)

The Baby Sleep program is absolutely amazing! It is loaded with interesting, useful and solid information about your baby’s needs month by month concerning sleep, feeding, needs, caretaking and development. I highly recommend this program to existing and future parents as a must-have!

Jytte (Denmark)

Great easy-to-listen and read videos and ebook from Baby Smiles Club. The ebook and videos are an excellent guide to getting smooth and long baby sleep, and happy and rested parents! I also recommended the program to my sister who is expecting, so she can prepare and apply the baby sleep knowledge when her baby is born! Enjoy good sleep!

Roxana (UK)

The videos are fab and such a great idea! The book is really helpful to flag things, and when you are absolutely shattered or on-the-go, the videos are so convenient and easy to listen to. You can watch the videos together with your husband, and then discuss things afterwards.

Mai-Ling (UK)

We're only a couple of days in but already seeing a huge difference! He's taking real naps now and settling himself off to sleep nicely. I'm super impressed with how easy it is to implement and how helpful the supporting tips are.

Shannon (UK)