Introducing Solids and Allergens

Starting solids is a HUGE step for a baby! Their diet up to now has consisted of milk and more milk! 

Our ebook on Introducing Solids and Allergens is designed for parents-to-be and new parents. We explain everything you need to know about starting solids, including when and how to introduce solids, and food allergies and intolerances. 

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Our Introducing Solids and Allergens ebook

Our 34 page ebook is easy-to-read and navigate, and is packed full of practical advice. It’s based on the most up-to-date guidance and recommendations from worldwide institutions, including the World Health Organisation. 

We explain:  

  • When and how to introduce solids
  • How solids complement milk 
  • What foods to give, and what to avoid 
  • How much food to give, and what texture it should be 
  • How solids can impact a baby’s sleep 
  • When and how to introduce allergenic foods in a safe manner
  • How to recognise symptoms of food allergies and intolerances 

We also include a 4 week sample menu for starting solids, together with a 9 week plan for introducing allergenic foods. 

Introducing Solids

Get a 4 week menu for introducing solids, with healthy meal suggestions for your baby. 


Reduce risk of food allergies

Research shows that introducing allergenic foods to babies from 6 months old can help to prevent food allergies.

Buy "Introducing Solids and Allergens" ebook now!

"Your Introducing Solids and Allegens ebook is awesome! It is very easy to follow, and I loved the fact that it gave specific amounts for solids. The introducing allergens section was very detailed and made me feel a lot more relaxed about this process with my bub as I feel like I now know how to do it!".
Rowena, Australia 

"Best ebook on solids. Your ebook is honest and to the point. Wish I came across it 6 months ago. The other ebooks I came across are nowhere as good as yours. It has everything a worried mother would wish to know".
Farhana, UK 

"Since last year I've been reading the baby sleep program and the introducing solids program and they were both absolute godsends for me, especially with twins! I honestly can't explain how much they helped me".
 Emily, UK