Hello There

We are Angela and Dan 

We are a British-Danish couple living in Denmark with our son, Atlas, and co-founders of Baby Smiles Club. Angela is a certified child sleep consultant and studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. 

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Hello There

We are Angela and Dan

We are a British-Danish couple living in Denmark with our son, Atlas, and co-founders of Baby Smiles Club. Angela is a certified child sleep consultant and studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. 


Our Story

What on earth?!  

Before our son was born, we had done a lot of reading around on baby sleep. We had heard story after story from friends who couldn’t get their babies to sleep, and who were exhausted – and we really didn't want this to happen to us! We love our sleep! And we know how important it is for your well-being in life. Like how you feel in a good mood when you’ve slept well, and ready to take on the day.  

As a consequence, we wanted our baby to sleep well so that he could be happy, and develop and grow as best he could. And we wanted to help him in a gentle and kind way, to foster a strong bond and create a secure attachment.

What we were hearing, however, was stories of babies up all night and not sleeping, and worn out parents. And there didn't seem to be much out there to help parents with their baby's sleep. We'd been told in our New Parent Class that babies slept whenever they wanted to sleep and that there was no point even trying to understand things. But that just didn't sound right to us. 

And so….

So…..we did some reading. A LOT of reading! Books about baby sleep, articles from countless sources and numerous scientific research papers from across the world. Lots of studies involving thousands of babies across the world have been carried out on baby sleep, and we used these to understand the intricacies of how they sleep and how to optimise it.

We also did a lot of research on attachment theory, and how to help a child create a secure attachment. Creating a secure parent-child bond is one of our foundations. 

When we had our son 

When we had our son, we put into practice everything we had learned. Our son turned out to be a great sleeper, and so the idea of Baby Smiles Club was born!  

We continued our studies on baby sleep and Angela became a certified child sleep consultant with the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting. We wanted to provide straightforward and practical advice, and so we created an easy-to-read ebook and 20 easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos presenting the content of our ebook, all to help parents across the world! 

Angela also provides individual sleep consultations for babies and children up to five years old. 

Our Baby Sleep Program will help your baby and your family get the best sleep that they can, whilst strengthening the parent-child bond. 











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About Angela 

Angela has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from the College of Law. She was then a lawyer for over 15 years in London and Singapore. When Angela became a mother, she obtained a child sleep certification from the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting and co-founded Baby Smiles Club with Dan.  

When Angela is not working or running around with her son, Atlas, she enjoys running, yoga and pilates. Angela is also passionate about chocolate, and not just eating it - she can make high quality dark chocolate from cacao beans (using craft chocolate machinery). 

About Dan

Dan has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School. He’s lived in France, Chile, South Africa, Norway and the UK, and created several start-up businesses. He has two older children in addition to his son Atlas. 

Dan enjoys working out in the gym, playing football with his children, and swimming in the (cold!) Danish sea. Dan is also passionate about new technology and loves to test out the newest tools on the internet.

Better sleep for your baby means better sleep for you!

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Our Baby Sleep Program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a parent-to-be ready to bring your baby into the world and want to help your baby get the best sleep that they can, whilst fostering the parent-child bond. 

  • You’re a new parent struggling to get to grips with your baby’s sleep and need help.

  • Your baby is your everything, but being a sleep deprived parent is making every day a struggle. 

  • Your baby’s sleep pattern is all over the place, and you want to put a routine in place.  

  • You’ve tried other ways to help your baby sleep, but they haven’t worked.  

If this sounds like you, our Baby Sleep Program can help. And you can have the energy and confidence to enjoy parenthood.   

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Help your baby to get the best sleep that they can!

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